EAGE - Student Chapter promo

The application and renewal process for Student chapters is open!

Do not miss the chance to be part of the student chapter community and discover a world of opportunities and benefits with EAGE.

Do you want to strengthen and highlight the early stage of your career? Do you want access to a  global professional network?.Then, a Student Chapter will facilitate you the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and initiate activities with the support of EAGE.

Please request to become a Student Chapter for 2019 through this link: https://students.eage.org/en/student-chapters/how-to-get-started.

Following the instructions as explained through the website will help you to complete your application successfully.

Have you read the instructions and gathered all the required information? Then you are ready to start the application! Click here

If you are already part of the EAGE student Chapter don't forget to renew and this will extend all your benefits for 2019.

After your application, we will inform you of activation or required additional information

You can find more information about the application at the EAGE student website.